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TCF NSW Membership

stock-photo-13424407-walking-in-autumn-parkMembership of TCF NSW is open to bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents.

Being a member is completely free and provides a feeling of belonging to a community that understands grief.

Prior to becoming a member we ask that you find out if The Compassionate Friends is for you by attending at least a couple of meetings before you decide. Details of the scheduled meetings held at TCF NSW are in the Support Information section of our website.

TCF NSW receives a grant from the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District each year. This grant covers some of the operating costs of TCF NSW and allows us to help bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents throughout the state. It is a requirement of the grant that we maintain a record of all our members. As a result Members of TCF NSW will be recorded in TCF NSW's member database. Any personal data collected on the form will be treated in accordance with current data protection legislation. Such information is only used for membership communications, and for other purposes to benefit members.

Members will receive notification of events and the latest FOCUS newsletter. Members also get special privileges in our website where they have the ability to access information, and share experiences and get peer support through an interactive online forum. Members also have the ability to create and edit a tribute to your beloved child in the Memorial Wall with uploaded information, photos, and videos that is only able to be viewed by members.

So join the organisation and access a whole lot more from within the Members Only section of our website.

Membership Types

There are four types of membership in TCF NSW. These are as follows:

Member – This type of membership is open to all bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings

Associate Member – This type of membership is open to close family and friends who wish to join TCF NSW in order to support bereaved family members

Professional Member – This type of membership is open to individuals or organisations that wish to support TCF NSW through financial means or by providing professional support to our organisation or our members

Honorary Member - Honorary membership may be granted to visiting members of other TCF organisations and chapters in other states of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Membership Applications / Renewals

stock-photo-3606401-handsMembership applications are completed through a membership registration form. These forms are either completed online in this website by selecting the relevant online applications below or by downloading one of the PDF forms below and sending them to the address at the bottom of the form.

TCF NSW reserve the right to review all membership applications and contacting applicants prior to being granted membership. This not only allows TCF NSW to ensure all applicants are valid (not spam) but more importantly allows us to contact applicants to provide information and initial peer support. Membership details will be emailed to all applicants on completion of this review and initial contact.

Memberships are valid for 1 year and after the initial application and becoming a member, annual renewals will be required. TCF NSW will contact members when annual renewal is required. Membership forms also include a subscription to our quarterly FOCUS newsletter.

Online Membership Applications / Renewals

Please select a membership type and complete the online form for your application. Once submitted this will be sent to TCF NSW for processing and on completion TCF NSW will be in contact with you.



While it is included in the membership applications, the FOCUS Newsletter subscription can be applied for / renewed separately (if you would like to change your FOCUS subscription details outside of membership renewal) by accessing the FOCUS Newsletter section of our website.

Download Membership Applications

For those applicants who do not wish to use the online forms, applications can be downloaded here, where they can be manually filled out and sent to TCF NSW either by scanning the completed from and attaching to an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or posted in the mail.

TCF NSW Member and Associate Application Form

TCF NSW Member and Associate Renewal Form

TCF NSW Professional Member Registration Form