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Focus Newsletter

stock-photo-18235494-senior-couple-reading-newspaper-while-eating-breakfastThe Compassionate Friends NSW produces a quarterly newsletter called FOCUS that is published in March, June, September and December of every year.  FOCUS provides an update of the organisation and includes details about past activities, upcoming events, letter from the President, updates from Chapters, members’ letters and poems, memorials, photos, contacts and a sibling section.

FOCUS is posted free to new members from the first year of joining and then on a subscription basis of $35 per annum thereafter.  This fee covers the cost for publishing and posting to members. FOCUS is available free to members who prefer to view it or download it from the web. Subscribing to FOCUS is usually completed when the annual membership renewal is completed, however members can change their option at any time.

FOCUS can also be subscribed by Professional organisation members. The subscription fee for Professional members is $50 for one year.

Subscription payment may be completed by supplying credit card details to TCF NSW or directly depositing into TCF NSW's bank account. If the forms are being submitted manually (not online) you can enter your credit card details on the form, or send a cheque or money order.

TCF NSW welcomes any member input into the FOCUS newsletter. Please provide any submissions to the FOCUS Editor by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for review, editing and publishing into FOCUS.

FOCUS Newsletter Archives

FOCUS imageThe latest copy of FOCUS is available on the Member's Only section of our website. If you are a member, please login to download your copy.

Previous copies of FOCUS are available to all and are provided below (please contact us if you need older versions than those listed below):

2015 Editions

2016 Editions

2017 Editions

2018 Editions

2019 Editions

FOCUS Autumn 2015  FOCUS Autumn 2016  FOCUS Autumn 2017 FOCUS Autumn 2018 FOCUS Autumn 2019
FOCUS Winter 2015 FOCUS Winter 2016 FOCUS Winter 2017 FOCUS Winter 2018 FOCUS Winter 2019
FOCUS Spring 2015 FOCUS Spring 2016 FOCUS Spring 2017 FOCUS Spring 2018 FOCUS Spring 2019
FOCUS Summer 2015 FOCUS Summer 2016 FOCUS Summer 2017 FOCUS Summer 2018 FOCUS Summer 2019

2020 Editions

 2021 Editions




FOCUS Autumn 2020  FOCUS Autumn 2021      
 FOCUS Winter 2020        
 FOCUS Spring 2020        
FOCUS Summer 2020        

FOCUS Newsletter Subscription

FOCUS subscription is integrated with membership application and renewal forms, so if you would like to become a member or renew your membership you can subscribe on the one form located in the Join Us page of our website. However if your membership is current and you would like to subscribe to the FOCUS newsletter separately, please select the relevant online form that will be sent to TCF NSW for processing.

For those who do not want to complete the online FOCUS subscription form it has also been provided below as a PDF. Both the Member and Professional Member subscription forms are provided. Please complete the relevant form and send to TCF NSW at the address shown on the bottom of the form.

Focus Subscription Form

Focus Professional Subscription Form